It’s Dec. 23 … Why are you working?

If you are working today — two days away from Christmas — you are either:

  • Indispensable. An emergency worker whose post must be covered 24/7/365. If so, thanks.
  • A loser. (As in use-it-or-lose-it-annual leave) who ran out of leave before the leave year ended. Admit it. Get over it. Try to plan ahead in 2014.
  • Hiding from visiting relatives or in-laws who, regardless of what you tell them, do not for a second believe you are invaluable in any way, shape or form. Your spouse will not cover for you, trust me.
  • Involved in a must-finish project. Maybe even on your own time.
  • A humanitarian who doesn’t celebrate Christmas but is filling in for a colleague who does.

    Or, fill-in-the-blanks.

    Self-disclosure: I celebrate Christmas, have not been designated as invaluable (clearly a management oversight), am losing some annual leave due to poor planning. I am also finishing up a project, again, due to poor planning. But I’m off the rest of the week so look out TV remote, because you are going to get a workout. I don’t plan to waste this holiday season!

    The good news is that rush hour traffic, at least in parts of the D.C. area, is usually light in the week before Christmas. So if you had to (or chose to) come into work today, wave to your fellow commuters.


    Whether you are working or resting, happy holidays. Stay safe. Have as much fun as legally possible. See you in the New Year.


    Compiled by Jack Moore

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