Forget the Oscars — this one’s for you!

As a card-carrying, dues-paying member of SAG-AFTRA, I got to vote in this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Watching the nominated movies, and voting, was a lot more fun than the last few presidential races.

Now, it is your turn…

There is another awards event that honors the people who make the government work. People like you.

We call it (blush) The Causey Awards. This is the fifth year. And while the Oscars still get most of the publicity, we are coming along strong.


Meantime, the award is designed just for feds. For people on the people- side of government.

I swear it wasn’t my idea to have the awards, much less name them the Causeys. But cooler heads prevailed, the decision was made and I, being the oldest (and some would say cutest) staff member at the time, got the honor.

Nominations are now open. The awards will recognize and honor above- and-beyond-the-call-of-duty achievements in the all-important, but often overlooked, area of managing people.

While the goal of the awards is to honor people who have made a difference in the HR world, nominees can come from any skill, profession or discipline. Past winners include CIOs, an IG and a chief of staff — in addition to HR professionals.

The winners get an award for their trophy room, highly deserved recognition and lunch. On me.

So think about who you would like to see win this award and let us know by clicking here. We’ll take it from there.

Job-related lawsuits

What are the odds that sometime during your federal career, somebody will sue you for work-related reasons?

Many federal professionals are aware of the lawsuit potential. Many of them have professional liability insurance. In some cases, Uncle Sam will pay half the premium.

But many feds don’t consider the fact that in most cases, legal action against them may come from within their agency. Maybe even in their own office. Managers can be charged with bias or discrimination. Almost anyone, male or female, can be accused of sexual harassment or creating a hostile work environment.

So what to do? Many would recommend a specialized professional liability insurance policy. Among the best known to feds are Wilmington, Del.- based Wright and Company and FEDS (Federal Employee Defense Services), which is associated with the D.C. law firm of Shaw, Bransford & Roth.

Today on our Your Turn radio show, we’ll be talking about professional liability insurance with attorneys John P. Mahoney and David Cavanaugh. Mahoney is with the Tully Rinckey Law Group. He’s been handling federal employee cases for two decades. Cavanaugh, with 17 years in the business, is a vice president at FedGuard.

We’ll find out who needs the insurance, how much it costs and what your odds are of being slammed by a lawsuit or grievance in which Uncle Sam says you are on your own!

Later in the show, we’ll be joined by Andy Medici with the Federal Times, who will talk about the buyout offers making their way through agencies like the Social Security Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency and a new service the Postal Service could offer that would help bring in more revenue.

Listen if you can (1500 AM or online), and if you have questions email them to me at or call in during the show at (202) 465-3080. The show will be archived here.


Compiled by Jack Moore

The phrase, “Are you as bored as I am?” can be read backwards and will still make sense.

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Nominations now open for 2014 Causey Awards
Federal News Radio’s 5th Annual Causey Awards seek to recognize and honor the good works of people who challenged the status quo and changed, for the better, human capital management. Nominate someone today for his or her outstanding achievements and important human capital/human resources contributions. While we’re looking for people who made a difference in the HR world, they don’t necessarily have to work in an HR role. In the past, we’ve honored CIOs, a chief of staff, and an inspector general, in addition to human resources professionals, all for their contributions in the HR arena.

IRS to pay employee bonuses at lower rate
The Internal Revenue Service and the National Treasury Employees Union reached an agreement that will see the IRS pay frontline employees performance awards. The awards will be paid from a pool of 1 percent of bargaining unit salaries, and are expected this spring.

EPA plans early-outs targeted at higher grades
The Environmental Protection Agency has issued targeted early-retirement and buyout offers to hundreds of employees nationwide, according to an American Federation of Government Employees local. EPA officials are planning to offer early-outs at 19 different offices within the agency, spanning all 10 regions. Workers who sign up can receive up to $25,000 and will have to be off the rolls by early April.