Scrum – so much more than a group of roughnecks

November 16, 2010 — Everyone in the federal IT world knows two things for certain — the Obama administration wants faster turn-around on software projects and, if you want to keep your job, you can’t afford to have projects fail.

One approach to avoiding failure is to change the essential way software is developed. Instead of setting down requirements in stone and then seeing a screen in one year, there is an aggressive move to a more flexible approach.

You can call this lean, agile, or one of the more defined software methodologies like eXtreme Programming or Scrum.

This week, Jim York, a noted trainer in the Scrum method and president of FoxHedge, will delve into some concepts about structuring requirements and defining terms like “product owner” and “ScrumMaster.”


Tune in to gain a better understanding of a popular software methodology that has been around for many years and what kind of certifications are available.