Tips for reducing improper payments

Dave Dantus and Russell Keziere, Pegasystems

wfedstaff | June 3, 2015 11:42 pm

February 15, 2011 — In 2009 the federal government was responsible for $110 billion in overpayments. The Obama administration issued a mandate to reduce waste such as this.

Pegasystems (Pega) has been in business since 1983 helping a wide range of organizations with improving work flow to reduce improper payments.

Dave Dantus and Russell Keziere explain the success their company has had with large organizations like BlueCross/BlueShield to implement business process management to eliminate mistakes. Pegasystems has also worked with the Defense Department, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and Health and Human Services.

With regulations constantly changing, Pega has instituted a flexible method of software development. It focuses on eligibility requirements, constituent enrollment, and benefit determination management.


If you are looking at ways to improve the way you handle claims, listen to the interview with Dantus and Keziere.