How to design federal web sites for mobile devices

Doug Brashear, Mobile Practice Director, NavigationArts

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 12:24 am

May 10, 2011 — Host John Gilroy is joined on today’s program by NavigationArts Mobile Practice Director Doug Brashear.

They will discuss how to design government websites to be mobile friendly.

Brashear will talk about best practices for app design, operating systems, and government change agents.

Topics include:

  • should you include video for hand held in your website?
  • should you have a separate website for mobile or design your web site for hand held traffic?
  • what about HTML 5.O?
  • Is it worthwhile to wait for the transition to HTML 5.O?

Brashear and Gilroy will also talk about the Government Web and new Media Conference, where representatives from the Department of Interior, GSA, and ATF presented some of their experiences with trying to adapt a federal web site for a mobile audience.