Virtualization: What is it and can it work for your agency?

September 20, 2011 — Host John Gilroy is joined by Aileen Black, vice president for the Public Sector for VMware.

Black has recently returned from VMware’s annual virtualization conference called, appropriately, VMWorld.

Virtualization has grown tremendously in the federal IT world in the past five years.

On today’s show, Mann addresses all the major issues—everything from automation to applications in smaller agencies.


Many listeners will be interested in the differentiation she makes between storage virtualization, server virtualization, and desktop virtualization.

In April of 2011, MeriTalk conducted a survey on the topic of virtualization.

One of the main concerns that federal IT professionals have about virtualization is budget constraints. In fact, 79% of people surveyed indicated that this was their major concern.

Black will address the issue of budgets, security, compliance, data loss, and hardware security.

She views the obstacles to be procurement, culture, and then security.

VMware has a remarkable record in the commercial community—100% of the Fortune 100 uses VMware.

Every federal IT professional has to do more with less, and VMware offers a solution that is proven and popular.