Gathering and securing health information

October 11, 2011 — Here’s the challenge: Give citizens information on health records.

Here’s the solution:

On today’s show, Jon Booth, director of Web and New Media services at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, joins host John Gilroy to talk about how the website was designed, tested, and released.

There are an estimated 47 million Medicare beneficiaries.


The CMS was given a directive to design a web site to serve citizens with increased ability to access the status of adjudicated claims, view claim status, view eligibility and much more.

Booth will describe what happened when the task was dropped on his desk.

He articulates the concerns of gathering data and making sure it was secure.

The discussion includes observations on offerings from Google and Microsoft’s health vault.

In the next few years, electronic health records will be compared with personal health records.

Booth puts both in perspective for the federal IT professional as well as the end user as well.