Prioritization software: What is it and how does it work?

December 13, 2011 — Every federal IT professional will have to cut parts of their IT budget next year.

The question is . . .which parts do you keep?

Traditionally, managers sit around a table and have an discussion about aspects of the proposed budget.

Somehow, an informal accommodation is made and a budget is agreed upon.


Unfortunately, today we do not have the luxury of making subjective decisions in tight financial times.

Additionally, agencies are encouraged to make decisions in a more collaborative and transparent manner.

Easy to say . . .hard to accomplish.

Decision Lens provides a solution that may be of value.

On today’s show, Dan Saaty discusses prioritization software – a process based in mathematics that weighs variables in order to make a decision.

The process includes defining goals, engaging stakeholders, critical relationships, and exploring scenarios.

The advanced mathematical model used is called the analytic hierarchy process.

Decision Lens has been used by organizations as disparate as the Green Bay Packers to the U.S. Navy.