Getting help with your common cloud issues

Josh Stephens,VP of Technology, J&J Solarwinds

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 5:11 pm

February 7, 2012J&J Solarwinds is a company based in Austin, Texas that provides tools for managing networks.

Josh Stephens is the company’s vice president of Technology, and he joins host John Gilroy to talk about how federal IT professionals can benefit from its products.

If you are considering moving a service to the cloud, you may want to test drive one of Solarwinds’ utilities: management tools for networks, applications, logs, virtualization, and storage.

Everyone seems to talk about common cloud issues like security and cost of migration – Stephens says you should also consider the other end of the cloud.


What happens when you want to move your cloud application from Amazon to Rackspace? Or, what happens if you decide to bring that application back into your server room?

Solarwinds also has a unique community called “Thwack.” There are over 125,000 members who discuss issues in regards to network management issues.