Log management

Tony Ayaz, vice president of Federal, Splunk

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 5:53 pm

February 28, 2012 — Most federal IT professionals have horror stories of pouring over log files. Many times this is a fruitless task making a needle in a haystack an enviable activity.

Splunk has been around since 2003 attempting to alleviate much of this mundane task.

It’s offering has been on the market since 2006, and the company now has 2,300 licensed users in over 74 countries.

Log management has grown up.


On today’s show, Tony Ayaz, vice president of Federal for Splunk, joins host John Gilroy to talk about the evolution of the tools that his company now has available.

Splunk is a tool that can be placed between tedious log management and the complex, Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) systems we see.

Ayaz gives details on the new product, Splunk? 4.3. Earlier products were based on Flash, not a popular choice with many smart phone users.

The new version of Splunk uses HTML5.0 and JavaScript to give a graphical depiction of log information. Now, the end user can approach management to show them what is going on in a visual manner.

Splunk may not be for everybody’s tech tool box, but more and more users will find their offerings a life saver.