Adapting to changing technology

April 10, 2012 — This week on Federal Tech Talk, host John Gilroy will be joined by Appian Chief Technology Officer Mike Beckley.

Appian started out as a small group of consultants who went to businesses and suggested ways to improve the business process.

This slowly developed into expertise, then recognition from groups like Gartner, and then the development of a platform.

This year Appian may hit $100 million in sales.


Two key adaptions have been to address social media and the mobile platform.

Rather than an agency paying a company to write an application, they would sign up for system that is secure and flexible.

This approach has worked for organizations like Starbucks, UPS, and Nokia.

During the interview, Beckley details how his company went from Ajax-based code to a cloud offering to dynamic case management.

Today, Appian offers a comprehensive suite that uses the Procurement Data Standard (PDS) without coding.

The company also provides native business process management for Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad.