Q & A with Aneesh Chopra

April 24, 2012 — This week on Federal Tech Talk, former White House Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra joins host John Gilroy, to talk about his career in government.

The interview will focus on three aspects of Chopra’s career: initiatives he endorsed while he was the White House CIO, his interest in healthcare IT, and the large issues for federal IT professionals today.

During his tenure at the Executive Office of the President, Chopra is proud of his work with the National Wireless Initiative.

From his perspective, he views this project as a win/win. He explains how this auction will pay off national debt as well as expand the public safety broadband network.


If you are seeking success stories on implementing federal IT initiatives, you may want to read a collection of twenty case studies, Chopra released the final week he was a federal employee.

The focus here is on adapting newer technology to reach objectives while working within budget constraints.

One interesting aspect of the interview is Chopra’s explanation of the Green Button. This is a free tool that allows citizens to gain a better understanding of energy consumption in their homes.