Designing applications for mobile devices

June 12, 2012 — Every federal IT professional in the federal government has seen the influx of mobile devices.

Of course, security will be a top concern.

On this week’s “Federal Tech Talk”, Doug Brashear from Navigation Arts moves beyond security to discuss aspects of design and operating systems for the mobile environment.

One concern is whether or not to use a native “app” or a specific web optimized web site.


This discussion is provoked by the OMB Digital Strategy that wants each agency to convert two priority citizen services to the mobile platform.

Federal agencies are much like commercial organizations in the difficulty in hiring software developers with experience in the mobile platform.

Brashear talks about options with development, and compares iOS with Android for a variety of applications.

In a rapidly changing world, keeping current with mobile trends is just another part of the job of a working in information management for the federal government.