Moving to the cloud

The typical federal IT professional may think he/she is sitting on an island when it comes to the move to the cloud.

Brocade underwrote a study of federal could adoption entitled “The Color of Money.” They surveyed hundreds of people who are involved in implementing the White House initiative of moving to the cloud. Surprisingly, the transition is not limited by security or technical concerns, but by issues that involve acquisition.

Today’s interview is with Brocade’s Vice President of Federal Anthony Robbins. The focus of the discussion is the impact of moving from a traditional capital expenditure (CapEx) method to one based on operational expenses (OpEx). In the jargon of information technology, “the move to the cloud will be a OpEx method.”

Brocade has been in business since 1995 and has annual sales over $2 billion . The company has products that help data centers move information more efficiently in order to make the transition to the cloud scalable and under budget.