What’s new at Microsoft?

Susie Adams, CTO for Federal Sales, Microsoft

wfedstaff | April 17, 2015 4:36 pm

January 22, 2013 — There is an iconic television commercial that has the tag line, “Not your father’s Oldsmobile.”

The automobile didn’t survive, but the sentiment behind the slogan certainly did.

After you listen to today’s interview with Susie Adams, chief technical officer for Federal Sales at Microsoft, perhaps you will remark, “This is not my father’s Microsoft.”

Probably the most fascinating part of the interview is the fact that Microsoft spends more on research and development than Apple and Google combined.


Some of this spending is on consumer items that dazzle at shows like CES, but 90% of this budget item is spent on improving cloud based applications.

The second surprise is the recent announcement by the Department of Defense to fund $600 million dollars on Microsoft products.

If security is a concern, then the suddenly changing Microsoft has gotten a sterling endorsement.

During the interview, Adams talks about walking into a Starbucks and customers would look at the tiles on her Windows8 phone and be amazed.

Next year Microsoft will stop supporting the venerable Windows XP and many will look at upgrading to this operating system.

For years the cool kids had Apple products. That is changing.

If you take the fact the more and more “over 40” people are using Apple with the release of Microsoft’s Surface and products like Xbox – Microsoft is suddenly trendy with the younger generation.

Nobody would have predicted this evolution, not even in Redmond.

Listen to today’s show and you will learn about the new Microsoft, nothing at all like the company that sold Microsoft Office on twenty three floppies!