How to secure mobile devices at your agency

February 19, 2013 — Last year over 700 million smart phones were sold. These are in addition to the existing variations of operating systems.

This year we will see new hardware and operating systems, all in a world of thousands of apps.

No wonder federal information technology professionals are looking for solutions to manage this mess.

One option to consider is using hardware.


Today’s interview is with Glenn Schoonover from Koolspan.

They recommend a solution that uses a micro SD card for each device. This card can be encrypted so the operating system cannot be altered.

During the interview Schoonover elucidates upon the variations of using software and passwords for securing mobile devices. Then, he contrasts that with the success of using micro SD cards.

Most security experts have predicted the end of passwords.

Users just have too many to worry about and tend to use the same password that leads to dangerous exploits being run.

There is a current report from NIST which gives guidelines for using hardware authentication for mobile devices.

Nobody has a crystal ball that will show what will replace passwords, it could be something as exotic as voice recognition.

However, it is important for all federal information professionals to listen to options that may fit their specific circumstances.