How surveys can benefit feds

Federal Tech Talk - Sept. 24, 2013

wfedstaff | April 17, 2015 5:34 pm

Just about every listener has seen articles or advertising discussing the results of studies. In the world of federal information technology professionals, we see them all the time.

This week’s interview will focus on the methodology behind doing IT surveys and why they have any value to listeners who have to solve intricate technology issues. Steve O’Keeffe, owner of Meritalk, joins host John Gilroy as this week’s guest on Federal Tech Talk. Meritalk has conducted many studies in the federal environment.

During the interview, O’Keeffe talks about how his organization conducts surveys, why they are of value to federal employees, as well as some of the challenges he has with the painstaking process.

For example, if you work in an agency and are attempting to move applications to the cloud, you may get frustrated and think you are the only person in the federal government with this kind of problem. Steve talks about how responding to a survey can give others in your position confirmation that serious issues exist. Also, it may be possible that you don’t agree completely with your supervisor’s interpretation of issues related to compliance. A survey gives you an anonymous vote that will not impact your chances of getting promoted.


O’Keeffe also details the differences between surveys, polls, and questionnaires. If you have ever been asked to participate in an IT survey, this interview will open you up to some of the complexities. For example, it can take 12-16 weeks to conduct a survey properly. Who knew?