A preview of ACT-IAC’s Excellence.gov awards

March 18, 2014 — Today’s interview on “Federal Tech Talk”, is not going to focus on failure, but success.

In the studio are Al Sloane, program manager from the Department of Labor’s benefits.gov site, and Atacan Donmez, senior director, eGlobal Tech.

They are going to focus on one way to recognize accomplishment: ACT-IAC’s Excellence.gov awards.

Most listeners know of the public/private group called ACT-IAC.


On March 24, 2014 they will gather to recognize success from a variety of agencies.

Thirty one finalists in six categories will be represented: Customer Experience, Digital Government, Enterprise Efficiency, Health IT, Intergovernmental Collaboration, and Pilots & Startups.

Just last week Representative Tom Young (R-IN) sponsored a meeting in the Rayburn Building to talk about ways to improve success in software projects.

The panel discussed career paths, limitations due to federal procurement, and attempts to recognize success.

One way to motivate professionals is to set them apart from others by showing what can be done in a confusing situation where budgets are constantly being altered and goals changed.

Listen to learn the lessons from Al Sloane about his Benefits.gov website and some of the future plans they have in store.