Is SharePoint a useful tool for your agency?

June 3, 2014 — Today’s interview is with Chris Hornbecker, CEO of Xgility. His company has worked with federal agencies to leverage their investment in Microsoft’s SharePoint.

SharePoint has been around since 2001, initially as a portal to share files in a secure manner. SharePoint has since blossomed into the largest selling product next to Microsoft Office. Some agencies have deployed SharePoint, some are not using all of SharePoint’s capability, and many federal information technology professionals are not aware of the offerings that can make SharePoint a useful tool for your agency.

Most listeners know that Microsoft bought a company called Yammer for one billion dollars in 2012. During the interview, Hornbecker shows how Yammer fits into the Microsoft “ecosystem” and how an agency can use this tool for collaboration. Yammer integrates easily into SharePoint so an agency can work collaboratively and securely.

Moving from collaboration, the interview dives into concepts like Azure and Office365. Xgility supports the local SharePoint User group and Hornbecker mentioned a free event coming up on June 7, 2014 near the Metro in Bethesda, called the SharePoint Saturday.