MicroPact helps EEOC hit the trifecta: cloud, open source, reduced costs

Kimberly Hancer & Mike Mike Cerniglia

wfedstaff | April 17, 2015 7:04 pm

June 10, 2014 — Federal information professionals are encouraged to move to the cloud, consider open source, and reduce cost.

Unfortunately, these general goals are never detailed.

Today’s interview with Kimberly Hancher, CIO of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and Mike Cerniglia from MicroPact, gives some specific examples of how she managed to hit all three.

A few years ago Kimberly Hancher was attending the Excel Conference in San Diego and asked how she could gather data inexpensively.


MicroPact had a booth at the conference and this is where the relationship began.

MicroPact took some of the open source code they were working with and made it available for the EEOC.

The net result – the EEOC used open source software, moved to the cloud and saved millions of dollars on software development.

Today, 90 percent of federal EEO claims are made through this open source solution.

During the interview both Hancher and Cerniglia detail the process and the net savings.

If you are interested in open source solutions for EEOC issues you may want to attend the MicroPact sponsored 462 Conference in September.