Refining the user experience

July 1, 2014 — Federal information professionals must make their way through a myriad of abbreviations and acronyms, but most aren’t familiar with UX or HZDG.

In the studio today is Doug Brashear, associate director, UX, at HZDG .

Well, that company name can compare favorably with the likes of FedRAMP, CFPV, and even the less known JIE.

HZ are the initials for the two founders of a design group that has been in business since the 1980’s.


UX, as most have guessed, is normally understood as User eXperience.

In today’s interview we will take a look at many tech issues that are perplexing our listeners, ranging from how to use a web page to tell a story, to comparisons of user experience and user interface.

You may have heard of responsive design, and during the interview, Brashear highlights three ways to make a web site easier for mobile devices.

Responsive is only one of them, and it can have an impact on the speed of the website.

Headline news is Google Glass, but the real story with wearable devices is how the information is collected and that data made actionable.

During the interview, Brashear talks about best practices for collecting data from wearable devices.

If your agency is encouraging sharing on social media, you may want to become familiar with the phrase “lazy sharing.”

Today, it’s not enough to have social shared on a web site, you need to have a strategy to promote your content – whether you work for the federal government or the local coffee shop.