A new approach to data management

Rick Caccia, VP of Strategy, Delphix

wfedstaff | April 17, 2015 7:29 pm

August 5, 2014 — This week on “Federal Tech Talk”, host John Gilroy will be speaking with Rick Caccia, vice president of Strategy at Delphix, about why agencies should embrace a new agile approach to data management.

Agencies are facing complex challenges in terms of modernization, consolidation and compliance initiatives.

Regulations such as FISMA and HIPAA are imposing major data-related security, reporting and auditing requirements on agencies, while FDCCI and the new FITARA legislation are hammering home the need for consolidation and modernization.

With agencies being pulled in so many different directions, there is one item that they can control to help with the process — data.


When the typical listener hears the term “agile” it is normally associated with software development.

The idea is to make frequent iterations and deliver continuously.

During the interview you will hear Caccia apply “agile” to the way Delphix provides database virtualization.