Tips on how to manage your network

Chris LaPoint, VP of Product Management, SolarWinds

wfedstaff | April 17, 2015 7:38 pm

August 26, 2014 — Today’s interview is with Chris LaPoint, the vice president of Product Management for SolarWinds.

The Texas-based company has been around since 1999. It helps professionals manage networks.

If you manage a federal information technology system, you must have grasp on continuous monitoring, cybersecurity, network operations, compliance . . . to say nothing of data center consolidation all while moving some systems to the cloud.

It is no wonder that many complain of the increasing complexity of their job.


One approach that SolarWinds uses is to support a community of network managers called Thwack.

It is an open ended forum where systems administrators can ask questions about speed, security, and a myriad of topics with others who are in the same position. One key question is how to troubleshoot a problem with an application.

In early days, the finger could be pointed to the network.

Today, there is a proliferation of virtualized systems and systems that interoperate that the blame gets difficult to assess.

During the interview, LaPoint highlights some of the tools that one can use to try to determine the cause of the potential slow down.

The interview hits on several topics, including self service automation, software defined networks, and data analytics.