What’s new at Oracle?

June 23,2015 — Today’s guest is from well-known Oracle, Aaron Cornfeld.

He is the group vice president, Pre-sales Engineering, Public Sector, Healthcare & Higher Education and is in the studio to get federal information professionals ready for some major announcements this summer from the thirty-eight year old company best known for its domination in the database world.

During the interview Cornfeld gives an overview of what the announcements will be.

Essentially, Oracle is re-inventing itself as a cloud company. This is important for federal IT folks because of the proliferation of Oracle systems in the federal government. In fact, Oracle is present in fifteen of the top fifteen federal agencies.


If your agency needs to move a system to the cloud, you may be sitting on an Oracle system that has an option to allow you to securely transfer files to the cloud or even enable mobile management capability.

Many seem to categorize Oracle as a database only company, but they are much more. For example, they are heavily involved in Java as well as MySQL.

The real innovation from Oracle is their new found willingness to listen to customers, even federal customers. Oracle is encouraging user groups and actively getting involved in the education and healthcare community.