Alfresco: The leading edge of digital transformations

Austin Adams, VP of Public Sector at Alfresco is the guest in the studio today.  His company has been around since 2005 and initially made its mark in the area of content management.

Head shot of Austin Adams
Austin Adams, vice president, Public Sector, Alfresco

With the proliferation of data from structured and unstructured sources, their content management has evolved into web content management and blossomed into a system that can assist in business processes.

During the interview Adams explains that this is accomplished using open source code.  This allows users to pull down code from repositories at, for example, GitHub and test them out to see if they are a good fit.

If one could select a hashtag for the interview, the hashtag would be #digitaltransformation.  Alfresco is on the leading edge when it comes to assisting agencies make a transformation from traditional methods of handling information.

Adams talks about some people using spreadsheets to track information on sensitive military equipment.  When this traditional system was transformed into a collaborative shared system, productivity improved and fewer errors were made.

It the first thirty days of 2017 are emblematic of the rest of the year then this digital transformation will be subject to much uncertainty.  Adams closes the interview with some observations about digital trends for federal information technology professionals in 2017.