Inside Vizuri’s federal toolbox

Today’s guest is Joe Dickman, senior vice president, Vizuri.  They are in the business of taking a look at a business problem and looking for the best way to accomplish the objective.

Head shot of Joe Dickman
Joe Dickman, senior vice president, Vizuri

The move to the cloud has produced hundreds of systems, apps, workarounds, and hybrid solutions.  Should you use a proprietary solution or should you move to open source?  What happens when you have systems that need to integrate information from disparate systems?

One aspect that Dickman discusses is the concept of rules management. When it comes to Business Process Management (BPM), a sophisticated analysis is required to see if the process is efficient.  Dickman gives a good definition on micro services.

Another aspect of performance that many fail to understand is the concept of app performance management and information operations analytics.  Vizuri offers a boot camp that will help federal and commercial understand how business rules can be implemented in at a variety of skill sets and maturity levels.