Looking ahead: What should feds expect in 2012?

January 20, 2012 — Over the past year, the federal workforce and federal pay and retirement benefits have become hot issues as Congress considers deficit reduction and the payroll tax holiday.

Many proposals have been floated to extend the pay freeze, reduce the federal workforce, and reduce retirement benefits.

While none of these ultimately passed in 2011, the question remains on whether federal employees should expect more of the same this year.

This week on FEDtalk, host Jennifer Mattingley will be joined by several guests to get viewpoints from across the federal community about the top issues that federal employees should be aware of this year.


Guests John Palguta of the Partnership for Public Service, Jessie Klement of the Federal Managers Association, and Beth Moten of the American Federation of Government Employees will each share their perspectives on the issues being considered by Congress and the Administration.