Taking the pulse of performance in the federal government

July 26, 2013 — Performance – it’s a hot topic in the federal community these days.

With GPRA-MA going into effect and agencies having submitted cross-agency and agency priority goals, a lot of attention has turned to how performance is integrated into agency culture, measured, and used.

Who “owns” performance in each agency and who has the tools to use performance data?

How is the PIO side of an agency working with the CHCO side to ensure that performance goals are being met and a culture of performance is being instilled in the agency?


And what’s next on the performance horizon?

These questions and more will be tackled by two experts in the field – Jon Desenberg of the Performance Institute and John Kamensky of the IBM Center for the Business of Government.

For more information on the on the Performance Institute, visit www.performanceinstitute.org, and for more information on the IBM Center for the Business of Government, visit www.businessofgovernment.org.