Special info for firefighters, air traffic controllers and LEOs

July 12, 2010 — Join host Bob Leins in welcoming Bob Braunstein, federal benefits specialist, for a detailed discussion of retirement and other benefits for the special occupational categories of law enforcement officer, air traffic controller, and firefighter.

The two Bob’s will cover:

  • mandatory retirement ages for each occupation
  • enriched retirement annuity formulas allowing immediate, unreduced retirement at earlier ages with less service than other occupations
  • FERS supplement portion of retirement annuity is not reduced by returning to work after retirement until MRA (for other occupations) is reached (typically between 56 and 57)
  • immediate retirement annuity COLA’s, regardless of retirement plan
  • inclusion of premium pay (law enforcement availability pay and AUO) in the high-3 for calculation of retirement annuity
  • how to withdraw TSP prior to 59 1/2 without penalties
  • continuation of tax free FEHB premiums for LEO’s and firefighters in retirement

Note: At the 6.44 minute make please note that the age mentioned should be 57 and not 55. Thank you.

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