Answers to your long-term care insurance questions

August 6, 2012 — This week on For Your Benefit, Mary Lou McGuinness, director of care coordination for Long Term Care Partners, joins hosts Bob Leins and Tammy Flanagan to discuss some of the ins and outs of long-term care insurance.

Topics include:

  • What are the benefits that are available from long-term care policies for residential care as well as in-home care for aging loved ones?
  • What options are available?
  • How do you determine the amount of coverage you should have?
  • What’s the process for trying to file a claim to use your Long Term Care Insurance?

This is a “must listen” show for someone with aging parents. McGuinness also stresses that any federal employee over age 50 ought to seriously consider enrolling in the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program. It’s important to know your options ahead of time, so decisions and choices are easier to make.