How to deal with holiday stress

December 10, 2012 – This week on For Your Benefit lifestyle coach Patti Hudson joins hosts Bob Leins and John Elliott to discuss holiday stress.

Hudson talks about ways to avoid holiday stress and some of the major causes of stress.

She also discusses strategies that work to reduce stress — such as prioritizing your activities and scheduling times to shop, decorate, bake, etc.

She also recommends making a budget for gifts and sticking to it.


Hudson says that you should take time for yourself and your own needs during the holiday. Make memories that you will enjoy reflecting back on during the year. Plan to do events and activities that you would like to do – for yourself and for others. Consider a visit with elderly relatives, neighbors, or friends; volunteer at a soup kitchen; volunteer to collect canned goods; take some decorations to a nursing home or hospital.

Hudson says: “Control what you can control; everything else is what it is.”