Spanning the globe with retirement benefits questions!

June 10 — This week on For Your Benefit our host, Bob Leins, welcomes federal benefits specialist Bob Braunstein back to the studio to look at situations that may arise during one’s career with the federal government and how to best handle them at retirement.

  • For instance, consider those near the mid-point of their career and they decide to leave federal service for a private sector job. They have 10 years of service when they resign. What do they do with their TSP account, their pensions and their unused sick leave?
  • Whenever you choose to leave federal service, what should you do with your TSP?
  • What is the impact of buying back vs. not buying back military time on your annuity?
  • If you left the government and then returned to service, what are the implications of being placed in the wrong retirement system? And who do you turn to for help resolving these issues?
  • What are your options if your office is being closed? What are the rules and regulations for VERA/VSIP early retirements? What are the age restrictions and how do these impact your annuity?

What is your retirement situation? Here’s your opportunity to get answers!