What creates the need for insurance (with a focus on life insurance)

September 23, 2013 — This week on For Your Benefit, hosts Bob Leins and John Elliott welcome financial advisor John Jilek to discuss insurance plans: which ones we need, how much we need and when we need it.

Topics include:

  • How can one project how much life insurance is enough?
  • During phases of one’s career, what is most attractive: term insurance? whole life? universal life?
  • What are the distinguishing factors of each?
  • What is an “umbrella” policy and why should it be considered?
  • While the need for homeowner’s insurance is standard; should personal assets in the home be covered as well?

No matter where you are in your federal career — just-hired, mid-career, or nearing retirement — this is a show that you should hear. Find out if you’re covered to protect losses, to protect your loved ones, to send your children to college.