Retire or keep working? Keep this job or move on to another?

January 13, 2014 — Why do some people retire on their first day of eligibility and others are working until well past that date? Why do some people move to new jobs or new career paths, while others continue with the same agency for many years?

Join Mike Townshend, philosopher, social psychologist and retirement coach, as he discusses these issues with host Bob Leins. They touch on some of the reasons behind making the job decisions.

Possible thoughts leading to initiate the job change:

  • Looking forward to it – counting the days and hours
  • The stress is no longer balanced for a happy life
  • Health
  • Feeling underappreciated
  • Noticing change beyond what you are willing to do
    • Agency’s mission slips
    • Leadership changes
  • Pay raises cease or are stretched beyond cost of living
  • New job opportunity
  • Entrepreneurial opportunity

Possible thoughts leading to a delay in job change:

  • Too much financial risk
  • Kids still in school
  • Just not sure what you will do with your time and energies
  • Just plain enjoying what you are doing and who you work with and for – a deep sense of meaning