What do I need to know about Social Security?

For Your Benefit - January 20, 2014

wfedstaff | April 17, 2015 6:06 pm

January 20, 2014 — As a federal employee, Social Security benefits are handled differently depending upon the retirement system that one is in.

Join our host, Bob Leins, as he welcomes federal benefits specialist James Marshall into the studio, to discuss Social Security and the ins and outs of your Social Security benefits.

Topics include:

  • Will my federal pension impact my Social Security income? If so, how & why?
  • Will Social Security income impact my federal pension? If so, how & why?
  • In additionto the standard Social Security income, are other Social Security benefits available?
  • When is the best time to apply for the various benefits available from Social Security?
  • Are there any strategies to consider that can help me get the most out of my Social Security benefits? Are there spousal benefits that I can apply for? Widow(er) benefits?
  • How is Social security income taxed at the federal and state levels? How will other income like TSP and Traditional IRA distributions impact the Medicare premium paid via Social security?

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