Estate planning and powers of attorney

March 10, 2014 — This week on For Your Benefit, join host Bob Leins as he talks with attorney Thomas J. O’Rourke of Miles & Stockbridge, P.C.

O’Rourke works with clients on matters involving tax, estate planning and administration, and pension issues. Today he and Bob discuss some changes that you should know about in regards to estate planning, powers of attorney and what to do when you receive a notice from the IRS.

Topics include:

  • increased estate tax exemption amounts, state and federal;
  • tax and estate planning issues related to same sex marriages;
  • changes in laws governing powers of attorney;
  • why a power of attorney may be more important than a will;
  • what type of “normal” IRS notices are currently being sent to individual taxpayers and what type of a response should a taxpayer provide.