Building blocks for financial literacy

April 14, 2014 — Join us this week on For Your Benefit for another show celebrating Financial Literacy Month. Our host, Bob Leins, welcomes Ray Kirk, a federal benefits specialist, to the show to discuss how to best use the building blocks provided by the federal government to achieve your financial goals.

Topics include:

  • What is financial literacy and what are the building blocks that OPM recommends?
  • What role do federal benefits play as well as understanding how the benefits interact in achieving financial security?
  • What is the Federal Financial Literacy Strategy as promoted by OPM? And how does this relate to you, the federal staff member?
  • What three key elements help achieve and maintain financial security?

Our weekly radio show has information for federal workers at all career stages. New hires need to understand their opportunities for financial awareness early on in their career. Mid-career staff must be ever vigilant when questioning their financial future and make adjustments if feasible. Pre-retirement staff need to know that what they have earned and accumulated will last their lifetime and, if not, what adjustments need to be taken.