Taxes, estate planning, and the IRS – What’s the best strategy?

August 4, 2014 — This week on For Your Benefit, join our host, Bob Leins, as he welcomes lawyers David DeJong and Steve Widdes, partners at Stein Sperling, to the show.

DeJong is the chair of the firm’s Tax Practice group and a CPA with a master of laws in taxation from the Georgetown University Law Center. He helps businesses and individuals with a broad range of tax planning and controversy matters, estate planning, business transactions and valuations.

Widdes is co-chair of the firm’s estates and trusts practice group and works with clients in the areas of estate planning, estate and trust administration, and tax and business succession planning. Previously an attorney with the Internal Revenue Service’s Estate and Gift Tax Branch, Rulings and Projects Sections and with a master of laws in taxation from Georgetown University Law Center, Widdes brings considerable knowledge and experience of the tax issues affecting clients’ estates and trusts.

This show focuses on estate planning, the documents you need to prepare, the things you need to consider about how you set up trusts, accounts, brokerage accounts, and how you handle your accounts.

  • Will or revocable trust – which is the better instrument for disposing of your estate?
  • Should you hold assets jointly with your spouse and/or children?
  • Should bank and brokerage accounts be set up as payable/ transferable on death to heirs (POD/ TOD)?
  • Who should be your primary and secondary retirement plan beneficiary?
  • How do you best protect assets against creditors and predators?

If you are considering how to best pass on your assets to future generations, how to preserve your parents’ assets, or how to lower your tax burden, this is the show for you!