Nats fete Sammies winner

By Max Cacas

The Washington Nationals took time before last Saturday’s game against the San Diego Padres to honor all federal, state and local government workers at Public Service Night.

At ceremonies behind home plate, the Nats singled out one special fed: Kate Friedrich, a State Department Special Advisor to the Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs.

Last week, she was one of the recipients of the Service to America Medals (Sammies) awarded by the Partnership for Public Service.


Friedrich leads the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council, a major public/private effort to enhance the economic, social and political status of Afghan women.

She was awarded the Sammies National Security and International Affairs Medal for her efforts.

In an interview with FederalNewsRadio, Friedrich was asked what motivates her to do the work that got her the recognition of a SAMMIE.

When you have the opportunity to travel a lot, and see the changes that can happen on the ground with just a little bit of input, a little bit of money, and see how it affects someone’s personal life. There are a lot of projects we’ve done involving micro-loans, educational initiatives, and we’re doing a lot with the American University in Afghanistan setting up college scholarships for women.

Friedrich adds it’s a “unique experience” as a federal employee, to be able to affect policy, either domestic or foreign, “from the inside.”

The State Department’s Kate Friedrich enjoys pre-game ceremonies. (Max Cacas/FederalNewsRadio)

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