Not the Grammies, the Sammies! /Security Clearance Appeals

Jim Seymour, Senior Program Manager
Partnership for Public Service
Bill Savarino
Cohen Mohr
September 11th, 2008

You have the Oscars, the Grammy¹s and now the SAMMIES. Dortch talks to Jim Seymour, Senior Program Manager from the Partnership for Public Service about the Service to America Medals, also known as the SAMMIES. Dortch discusses with Seymour the history of medals, the categories of medals, how a federal employee can be nominated and about the interesting work of the federal workers who are winners this year. Dortch is then joined by Security Clearance Lawyer Bill Savarino from the law firm of Cohen Mohr to discuss security clearances and what actions a person can take if they are denied a clearance or if their current clearance is revoked after a security clearance reinvestigation.