Financial Management Service

Commissioner Judith R. Tillman

On January 4, 2008, Judith R. Tillman assumed the role as Commissioner of Treasury’s Financial Management Service (FMS). Ms. Tillman had previously served as Deputy Commissioner since May 2006.

The Financial Management Service provides leadership and direction to federal agencies on a variety of financial management matters. The mission of the Service is to develop and manage federal financial systems to move the government’s cash flows efficiently, effectively, and securely.

As Commissioner of the Financial Management Service, Ms. Tillman has the responsibility for managing over $2.6 trillion a year in collections and nearly $1.5 trillion in disbursements of federal revenues. She also oversees government-wide program responsibilities for cash management, the collection of delinquent debt and government-wide accounting and reporting services, including the Government’s central accounting system.


Ms. Tillman has worked at Treasury for more than 34 years splitting her career between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and FMS. Since joining FMS in 1989, she has had a variety of responsibilities that offered her a Service-wide perspective, including Assistant Commissioner for Regional Operations. While in Regional Operations, Ms. Tillman was responsible for the production and release of government payments and associated information. She managed four regional financial centers which make 85 percent of all federal payments totaling $1.5 trillion annually, mostly by electronic transfer.

Ms. Tillman also held the position of Assistant Commissioner of Financial Operations, were she oversaw Treasury check reconciliation and claims adjudication; accounting for approximately 100 custodial revenue and non-entity accounts on behalf of the Secretary of the Treasury; payment of foreign and domestic claims against the federal government; and certification of insurance companies that write surety bonds for firms and individuals doing business with the federal government. Prior to her assignment in Financial Operations, Ms. Tillman was the Human Resources Director from 1992 to 1998.

Ms. Tillman is a Summa cum Laude graduate of Glassboro State College in New Jersey with a degree in history. She also holds a master’s degree in human resource development from American University in Washington, D.C. She is a 2004 recipient of the Presidential Rank Meritorious Executive Award.

Contacts: (202) 874-7000