Young feds share what they really think

(This story is part of a Federal News Radio special report, “The New Face of Government.”)

By Jolie Lee
Federal News Radio

Federal News Radio asked young federal employees from several agencies to share what they love, hate and would change about government. They also explained what they think is unique about their generation and how their skills and knowledge can help in the federal workplace.

“We don’t expect the status quo.”


— Chad Davis, 30
Corporation for National and Community Service
Read more from Chad.

“I wish we had more access to more technology.”

— Ayesha Edwards, 29
Department of Education
Read more and watch video with Ayesha.

“It seems like my friends and fellow employees have influenced the older generation.”

— Joshua Franklin
U.S. Election Assistance Commission
Read more from Josh.

“I’m helping people out whose shoes I used to be in.”

— Steven Fyfe, 28
Veterans Affairs
Read more from Steven.

“I was really conscious as a young employee that I needed to prove myself.”

— Katie Rush, 29
National Institutes of Health
Read more from Katie.

“I think leadership is very aware that we are the next generation coming up.
They want to know what we think.”

— Scott Thomas, 26
L.A. Air Force Base
Read more from Scott.

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