FEB heads describe work and life outside of D.C.

A dozen of the country’s Federal Executive Board executive directors share the highlights and challenges of being a federal employee in their region.

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“Connect with the FEB. We try to reach out to newcomers as soon as we are aware that they are here and get them involved.”


— Gwendolyn Campbell
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“I think that the general public is simply not aware of size and scope of the federal workforce in New England and thus the social and economic impact.”

— Kim Ainsworth
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“The beauty of it is that we’re closer to the people that we serve.”

— Gladean Butler
Dallas-Ft. Worth
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“Many think that because Hawaii’s weather and beaches are so beautiful, it’s been labeled ‘off-limits’ – not a place to host conferences and workshops, so federal, state, and city workers here often need to spend their meager budget to travel elsewhere.”

— Gloria Uyehara
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“Workers have a strong Midwestern work ethic!”

— Cindy Hillman
Kansas City
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“Be prepared to pay a lot for your housing.”

— Kathrene Hansen
Los Angeles
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“The current trend of attacking federal workers has taken its toll but many people in the community are privately supportive of the good work federal employees do each day.”

— Ray Morris
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“Statewide FEB creates a large geographical area to cover and it becomes difficult to engage all agencies equally.”

— LeAnn Jenkins
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“With so many agencies here, there are jobs opening all the time, and it’s a case of keeping your eyes open for what you want.”

— Lisa Makosewski
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“Overall, the distance is a blessing. We are close enough to be able to drive to Washington, D.C., in less than four hours, which allows us to have more regular personal contact with our co-workers at headquarters.”

— George Buck
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“Federal employees are just trying to do a good job for the public and accomplish what congress has asked us to do.”

— Rose Garland
St. Louis
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“The citizens of San Antonio are very supportive of our military and likewise the military is a great contributor to the community.”

— Ellen Nelson
San Antonio
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“Negative perceptions reported by national media about the ‘public sector’ or ‘bureaucrats’ can seem like they’re talking about someone else.”

— Francine Roby
San Francisco
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