2012 AGA National Leadership Conference

The Federal Drive speaks with guests and panelists from the Association of Government Accountants’ annual conference in Washington, D.C. The conference features insight into managing risk and the role financial management plays in mission delivery.


Danny Werfel
OMB’s Office of Federal Financial Management

The public rarely sees the inner workings of government agencies. If they did, they’d know, financial management is key to effective mission delivery. One of the most senior practitioners of the art and science of federal finance is Werfel.
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Doug Webster
Former chief financial officer
Labor Department

In 2004, Webster helped Iraq’s new transportation ministry set up and run its billion-dollar budget. Webster gave Federal News Radio a preview on his session about risk management.
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Relmond Van Daniker
Executive director


Van Daniker explains how the conference helps financial managers share their insights, strategies and lessons learned for dealing with challenging fiscal outlooks and ever-changing standards and regulation.
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Photo Gallery

See photos of speakers Federal News Radio interviewed as well as pictures of the event.