Top 10 Agency Initiatives: NASA

As part of the special Federal News Radio series, “The Obama Impact: Evaluating the Last Four Years,” we asked more than two dozen federal agencies — including all of the Cabinet-level agencies — for a list of the three most effective, nonpolitical management initiatives or policies they’ve embarked on over the past four years.

From the responses collected from nine agencies, Federal News Radio narrowed the list down of the top 10 agency initiatives — in the agencies’ own words. Below, read more about the top NASA initiative, as selected by Federal News Radio, as well as other initiatives NASA singled out for recognition.

Top Initiative

Space Technology Program


NASA’s Space Technology is developing and demonstrating advanced space systems concepts and technologies enabling new approaches to achieving NASA’s current mission set and future missions not feasible today.

This approach is innovative because instead of having important scientific and technological research being done in “silos” for aerospace, science and human spaceflight and exploration, this initiative “pulls” technology development based upon established Mission needs. Such technologies are either crosscutting, which serves multiple NASA Mission Directorates, industry, and other government agencies, and/or game-changing which enable currently unrealizable approaches to space systems and missions.

Other Initiatives

NASA’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Programs

NASA’s commercial crew and cargo programs are investing financial and technical resources to stimulate efforts within the private sector to develop and demonstrate safe, reliable, and cost-effective space transportation capabilities. Using American-built spacecraft to get American astronauts to space is a critical piece of NASA’s vision for human spaceflight, and it supports ingenuity and innovation in the private sector.

NASA Social Media

NASA’s social media efforts have been recognized by the public, other government agencies and the White House as extraordinary. NASA led the way for government organizations with Tweetups and Socials and through direct engagement on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ with NASA programs, astronauts and NASA senior management.