On DoD: DISA mobility, Defense acqusition

Air date: 05/07/14 This week’s show features two guests and two topics:

First, Defense Department has been working for several years on processes that will let its workforce use commercially-available mobile devices on DoD’s networks. And those projects have started to move beyond their pilot phases, and into day-to-day operations, for at least some users. John Hickey is the mobility program manager for the Defense Information Systems Agency. He talked with Jared Serbu about the status of DoD’s commercial mobile device programs, for both classified and unclassified communications.

Later in the show: Booz Allen Hamilton and the Government Business Council just surveyed several hundred government employees about DoD acquisition. Ninety-nine percent of feds who work around the acquisition system think it has serious problems, and 43 percent of the respondents think the biggest problem is that there’s a disconnect between the expectations of government and industry. Greg Wenzel, a senior vice president at Booz Allen, talks with Jared about the findings and how to improve the system.