OPM asks for student loan repayment data

Agencies must report on their use of student loan repayment program by March 31.

The Office of Personnel Management wants the data for calendar year 2008 as well as the first quarter of fiscal year 2008. OPM changed the requirement for agencies to provide that data last year to be based on the calendar year and not the fiscal year.

The report must address three specific areas:

  • The number of federal employees who receive student loan repayment benefits;
  • The job classification of each recipient;
  • The total dollar amount of student loan repayment benefits.

OPM also wants a report from agencies that didn’t use the student loan repayment tool in 2008. It asks agencies submit a negative report and specify whether your agency has established, is establishing or does not plan to establish a student loan repayment program. And for agencies that did not use the program, OPM wants them to say why they would not use the program as a recruitment and retention tool.


Additionally, OPM would like agencies to share any additional best practices, lessons learned or performance measures, as well as what OPM can do to improve the program.

For information: OPM memo on student loan program data collection