Federal workers becoming a flash point in midterm elections

Last week Republicans proposed a hiring freeze of non-security federal workers. That’s just the latest GOP effort to target federal workers’ pay and hiring.

The GOP has also tried to block a 1.4 percent pay increase, pass a two-week furlough, fire workers who owe federal taxes and freeze bonuses, The Washington Post reports.

So far these efforts haven’t gone far, but that could change with a GOP takeover of Congress after the midterm elections.

Democrats and unions are fighting the claims that federal government is too big and overpaid.


John Berry, head of the Office of Personnel Management, said in the Post that under the current administration, four out of five hires have been to defense and homeland security jobs and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“I’d ask, which one of those would you like to fire?” Berry said.

Berry also disputes claims that federal employees are paid double their private sector counterparts.

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