Feds thank OPM for early call on government closure

Federal employees thanked the Office of Personnel Management for its early announcement that federal agencies in D.C. would be closed Monday.

OPM posted the decision around 6:45 p.m. Sunday in anticipation of a snow storm hitting the region overnight Sunday and during the day Monday.

With winter storms earlier this year, the agency often waited until after 10 p.m., and sometimes as late as 4 a.m., to announce the operating status for agencies in D.C. OPM received a wave of complaints and negative comments through social media for the late announcements.

But in stark contrast, feds expressed gratitude and even surprise for OPM’s early announcement.


“Wow. Earliest I’ve ever heard closing news!” @cmh_11 tweeted to OPM.

OPM posted this update on its Facebook page:

“Thank you for letting us know early enough,” Bethany Hannan commented on the post.

Shane Srh Hall agreed. “Thanks OPM….and if anyone complains about your early decision, then that is pretty sad. Bet many will still complain…about something anyways,” she wrote.

Early risers were especially grateful for the evening notification.

“Thank you for the early decision. You really have no idea how it helps those of us that get up and get started before 4am,” Dave Chic Chicchirichi Jr. commented on OPM’s Facebook.

Terry Johnson expressed a similar thought. “For those of us who get up at 4:30 in the morning for our daily commute this translates into another 90 minutes of sleep and I do appreciate that,” he commented on a Federal News Radio Facebook post.

With snow expected to fall heavily at times and temperatures dropping rapidly, road conditions are a major concern for commuters. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority suspended all bus service on Monday morning.

“Safety is important. Glad you take care of the employees,” Olga Alt wrote on OPM’s post.

Others were just excited to have the day off.

“Sweet!!!!!” Elsa Patricia Ortiz Grady wrote.

“OH YEAH!!!” Barbara Marable commented.

“Wooooohoooooo,” Essie Graeber Charles said.

Despite the positive feedback, OPM still received a few backhanded compliments.

“Wow! Very surprised…so you are capable making good decisions!” Sara Quesenberry Akers commented.

OPM responded to comments on its Facebook post saying, “Thanks everyone. We always let you know as soon as we can. Many times conditions fluctuate through the night, which is why notifications sometimes come early in the morning.”

Ryan Bellack had a different take on OPM’s notifications.

“It’s a job and I’m glad to be employed,” he wrote on Federal News Radio’s post. “I’ll adapt and overcome regardless of when OPM makes an announcement.”


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