Inside Government – February 20th, 2009

Inside Government - February 20, 2009

wfedstaff | June 2, 2015 7:07 pm

Arlene Holt Baker,
AFL-CIO Executive Vice President

•The labor movement’s commitment to passing the Employee Free Choice Act

Terry McAuliffe,
Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate


•Solutions to economic issues Virginians are facing

Brian Moran,
Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate

•Rebuilding infrastructure and creating jobs in Virginia

Derrick Thomas,
AFGE District 2 National Vice President

•More information about AFGE’s role in passing the Employee Free Choice Act

•Building enthusiasm among federal workers

Paul Ferris,
AFGE Local 2516 President

•Providing medical care to soldiers and their families

•How the National Security Personnel System is affecting morale among workers

Robert McNeil,
AFGE TSA Local 237 President

•The need for collective bargaining rights and whistleblower protections for Transportation Security Officers (TSOs)

•President Obama’s campaign letter promising change at TSA